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PROFESSIONAL SERVICE FEES  2012                                  

For personal assistance in any area of education or support on food allergies and their management.

Initial Phone Inquiry (up to ½ Hour)                                                    No Charge

Follow-up Phone Consultation                                                             $75.00 per hour

Consultation/Advocacy                                                                       $75.00 per hour
Support Services: provide expertise at parent support group
and/or school staff meetings, to serve as an advocate for parents
at school meetings, to review and evaluate healthcare forms and
documents; for information and related materials


Needs Assessment Consultation                                                          $75.00
Information gathering
session for development of Individual
Healthcare Plan (IHP) or 504 Plan
IHP Forms
(IHP, Cover Sheet, Worksheet & Emergency Healthcare Plan)
Blank forms for school use (5 sets)                                                       $25.00
Blank forms for family use (1 set)                                                         $5.00

Development of Individual Healthcare Plan

(or accommodations for a 504 Plan)
Assistance in Planning and Preparation of Comprehensive
Student-Specific Healthcare Plan for Risk Reduction 
Management of Food Allergens including Identifying
Focus Areas, Identifying Risks, Developing Strategies for 
Risk Reduction, and Identification of Staff
for Implementation of accommodations in the School Setting.

Development of School Food Allergy Program
            ·       Needs Assessment Meeting
            ·       Goals Identified 
            ·       Planning and Preparation of School-Specific Food Allergy 
                    Management Program, including Identifying Focus Areas,
                    Identifying Risks, Developing Strategies for Risk Reduction, 
                    and Identification of Responsible Staff for Implementation
            ·       Presentation of Risk Reduction Plan
            ·       All Related Handouts and Support Materials 


In-Service Professional Development Training Workshop                                                             1 Hour $250.00
Workshop covering Food Allergy Basics, Anaphylaxis, Review of                                                2 Hour $350.00
Practical Food Allergy Management Strategies, Review of Laws                                                   3 Hour $450.00
which Impact 
Food-Allergic Students                                                                                           4 Hour $550.00
(Price includes Handouts for up to 50 people)                                                                               5 Hour $650.00

Nurses: Contact Hours awarded for all workshops                                                                 
Teachers: PDP Credit awarded for the 10 Hour Workshop                                                     10 Hour $1500.00

Certificates of Completion awarded for workshops less than 10 hours                                 

Travel - Mileage Plus Expenses




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